First Card Challenge

While the primary purpose of my site is to share and sell my custom paper cakes I have decided to work on some cards as well.  As a way to work on designs, creativity, new ideas and all I thought I would participate in some of the challenges that are out there.  The first one I chose is probably the most difficult one I found and not sure why I picked it as my first but I did and here is what I came up with.

This challenge is from the Crazy 4 Challenges site and is a white on white card challenge.  I wanted to create something that wouldn’t be too hard to see, being white on white and all, but also wanted to keep it rather “simple”.  This basic design is what first came to mind and I worked with it a bit to create the final result.

The card stock is Stampin’ Up! ® Whisper White and I used two embossing folders (not Stampin’ Up! and I have no idea of the “official” names).  I refer to them as dots and swirls in my head, so if you’d like to play along you can call ’em that too!  For the piece that is behind the center “diamond” shape (or square if you turn it a bit) I used the Edgelits – Finishing Touches to create some separation from it and the other layer.  It needed something and to be honest I am not a big scallop kind of guy (but really what guy is…lol), so the “jagged” Edgelit did the job for me.  The for the center I used Bravo Burgundy paper and the Framelits – Labels Collection.  Then back to Whisper White and the Designer Label punch.  Finally I stamped the “Blessed” from So Very in Bravo Burgundy.

While this in not my first card, by any means, it is my first Challenge.  Let me know what you think and hey while your here have a look at my cakes.  I plan on designing a couple new cake patterns soon so check back to see what I end up with.  I am thinking about a design that has a lid instead of opening on the end.  Just creating options, we shall see how it goes.


Mickey Who

Not really sure why but this idea popped into my head a while back and I finally got around to making a sample piece.  For fear that the copyright police might chase me down I refrained from adding the infamous “3 circle” design that we all know and love (and yes we ALL Love it ’cause if you don’t well I just don’t know what to say) to my design, but I hope everyone can see the reference to the “man” who watches over the “happiest place on earth”.Mickey Cake

My original thought for this custom paper cake design was for a birthday party.  I imagined an entire cake with this design and there sitting in the middle, in the place of my normal “topper”, I could see a pair of Mickey Ears with little Johnny’s (or Suzy’s) name stitched on the back.  Wouldn’t that ROCK? Then I had another thought while watching the news the other night.  There was a family that had their car broken into, radio stolen and a/c broken (and a/c is import here in the desert).  The family had been saving up for a trip to Disneyland and now they may have to take that money to get the car fixed and miss out on their fun vacation.  I must admit the news made me a bit sad (but when doesn’t the news do that to us) and really is quite a downer to my post, but thought I would provide the background to my awesome thought.

Mickey CakeNow back to my point… So, wouldn’t it be cool to use these pieces of cake as a “gift box” for your Disney tickets? Have you seen the commercials, or videos, where parents tell their kids they have a surprise and they show them the tickets and make the kids “figure it out”?  Well, what if you put the ticket (usually a gift card shape and size) in a piece of “Mickey Cake” and when they open it… BAM! tickets to Disneyland, or World, inside!

So, whether your having a birthday party for a Mickey fan or planning a trip to the “happiest place on earth” this cake would be great addition to the celebration.  Hey, it would even make an awesome bride or groom cake for a wedding, the ideas are endless…

Remember the medium size cake it great for gift cards, I just happen to make a large piece for the sample.  A medium cake with this design is $40 and a piece would be $3.75 each (large would be $50 and $4.75).  Message us today to get a Mickey themed custom paper cake of your very own today!

Book to Look

As I mentioned in an earlier post my wife has signed back up as a Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrator and she recently had her open house to kick off the start of her new endeavor.  While she was preparing her projects, searching for door prizes and trying to come up with creative ways to reward those that booked a show I had the idea of somehow using a custom paper cake that maybe matched the theme of one of her cards.

Well, she had a neat rain boot card that she was doing that was yellow and turquoise. So, I asked her if I could take those colors and work in a butterfly or two to create a custom paper cake for her “Book to Look”.  She seemed to like the idea so I ran with it.  For those of you who simply will not be able to pay attention to the rest of this post until you know what a “Book to Look” is let me take a quick moment to explain.  For those in the direct selling world, such as Stampin’ Up!®, PartyLite®, Pampered Chef® and such they will often provide some sort of “prize” for anyone that books a show of their own.  In this case Tricia printed off slips of paper that listed a product they would get for FREE with a qualifying show.  So, I made a small cake and we put a slip of paper and Hershey Nugget in each piece of cake.

So, for anyone that needs a creative way to do a “Book to Look” why not use pieces of custom paper cake, it’s so much better than just closing your eyes and pull a slip of paper out of a hat.  How boring!  Not to mention that now you’ve given them a little something they can take home and set by their desk and they will think of you and your business every time they look at it.  You could either get a whole cake or several individual pieces of various designs.

A piece of cake similar to this one would cost $3 per piece or $30 for an entire small cake.

For those that are interested in seeing Tricia’s card check out her post over at

Say Thanks with Red Velvet

Another great way to us custom paper cakes is in saying “Thank You!”  Do you have a friend that has done something for you lately and you want to say thanks?  Maybe you want to give them a thank you card and a little something extra.  Maybe you are thinking of giving them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or coffee shop, and you don’t want to just put it in the card.  What better way than to slip it into a piece of cake.  It’s a unique way of “wrapping” the gift card and I’ll bet they’ll never forget it either.

So if you’re looking for a way to say “Thank You” or “Get Well” or simply “Hi” shoot us a message and we’ll  get you the perfect piece of cake for the occasion!

Gift cards fit perfectly into our medium size cake pieces.  Pieces similar to this red velvet sample cost only $2.75.  Contact us today to get your very own!

Butterflies and Happy Birthday!

Here is a custom paper butterfly birthday cake that I made for a friend of the family.  It was for one of our “ROTC girls” that just graduated from High School.  She was the Corps Commander and did a lot for her cadets.  So as a way to say “thank you”, in addition to “Happy Birthday!”, I created this cake for her and filled it with her favorite candies (Twixt, Butterfinger and MilkyWay).

This is a medium size cake and each piece held 4 bite size candies.  Since she was about to take a rather long airplane ride I figured she could use a little something to snack on, but you don’t have to use a cake like this simply to give someone little bite size bits of happiness.You could take the same cake and use it as a way to give uniquely wrapped little “thank you” packages to your guests, you know a gift bag with a twist.

It’s a great way to send kids off saying, “thanks for coming to our party, take a piece of cake home with you!”  Then watch little Johnny’s mom freak out as she thinks little Johnny is about to bring a huge piece of chocolate cake into her newly cleaned mini-van, only to be super surprised when she sees him holding this cute little piece of paper cake.  Just don’t tell her it’s filled with a handful of wonderful little pieces of chocolate!

Price for a similar cake – $40

Butterfly Baby Cake

Here is a pretty little butterfly baby cake I made for a baby shower.  This is a medium size cake that is great for filling with things such as pacifiers, socks, little t-shirts, gift cards and more.  The hostess of the shower provided the color combination she wanted and asked me to add some butterflies to the design.  She was thrilled when I delivered this final result to her front door.

If you are planning to host a baby shower or are a mommy-to-be and want a beautiful custom paper cake, similar to this, for your party please contact us and we’ll work with you to create a wonderful custom cake just for you!

Also remember that our custom paper cakes are great for birthdays, bridal showers and times when you just want to say “Thanks!”…

Price for a similar cake – $40

The First Cake

Baby Girl CakeThis is the first cake I ever made.  I saw the concept of the paper cake, got my hands on the pattern for the pieces and off I went.  My wife was a Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrator at the time (and is again) so we had all the supplies to create this little masterpiece.  I must say I was more than pleased with the outcome and everyone who has seen simply loves it!

I created this cake with a baby shower in mind.  I made it with the large and medium size cakes which give plenty of room for each piece to be stuffed with things like pacifiers, socks, little t-shirts, gift cards and more.  This type of cake is a perfect and memorable way for a group to give a mother to be all kinds of things she could use for her new baby.  Or it could even be a wonderful way for a mommy to be to thank her guests who attend her baby shower.  She can stuff each piece with a little something that says “thanks for helping me celebrate”!Baby Girl Cake

This is just one of the many occasions that a paper cake and be used to present many wonderful gifts or wrap all your little “thank you” gifts in.

If you are interested in ordering a cake for your next baby shower send us a message so we can start designing your cake today!

Price for a similar cake – $85